Quake 1 Level Authors

The Beginning
start: Welcome to Quake -- by John Romero
Dimension of the Doomed (shareware episode)
e1m1: Slipgate Complex -- by John Romero
e1m2: Castle of the Damned -- by Tim Willits
e1m3: The Necropolis -- by Tim Willits
e1m4: The Grisly Grotto -- by Tim Willits
e1m5: Gloom Keep -- by Tim Willits
e1m6: The Door To Chthon -- by American McGee
e1m7: The House of Chthon -- by American McGee
Realm of Black Magic
e2m1: The Installation -- by John Romero
e2m2: Ogre Citadel -- by John Romero
e2m3: Crypt of Decay -- by John Romero
e2m4: The Ebon Fortress -- by John Romero
e2m5: The Wizard's Manse -- by John Romero
e2m6: The Dismal Oubliette -- by John Romero
e3m1: Termination Central -- by John Romero
e3m2: The Vaults of Zin -- by American McGee
e3m3: The Tomb of Terror -- by American McGee
e3m4: Satan's Dark Delight -- by American McGee
e3m5: Wind Tunnels --by Tim Willits
e3m6: Chambers of Torment -- by American McGee & Tim Willits
The Elder World
e4m1: The Sewage System -- by Tim Willits
e4m2: The Tower of Despair --by Sandy Petersen
e4m3: The Elder God Shrine --by Sandy Petersen
e4m4: The Palace of Hate --by Sandy Petersen
e4m5: Hell's Atrium --by Sandy Petersen
e4m6: The Pain Maze --by Sandy Petersen
e4m7: Azure Agony --by Sandy Petersen
The End
end: Shub-Niggurath's Pit --by John Romero
Secret levels
e1m8: Ziggurat Vertigo --by American McGee
e2m7: Underearth --by Tim Willits
e3m7: The Haunted Halls -- by American McGee
e4m8: The Nameless City -- by Sandy Petersen

The Deathmatch Arenas
dm1: Place of Two Deaths --by Tim Willits
dm2: Claustrophobopolis --by American McGee
dm3: The Abandoned Base --by John Romero
dm4: The Bad Place --by American McGee
dm5: The Cistern --by Tim Willits
dm6: The Dark Zone --by Tim Willits