MicroProse Games Commandline Opts

From Sword of the Samurai Technical Supplement
(but works also for F15 Strike Eagle II and M1 Tank Platoon)

/J Joystick will be used
/NJ No Joystick is used
/GE Graphics are EGA 16-color
/GM Graphics are MCCA or VGA 256-color
/GC Graphics are CGA 4-color
/GT Graphics are Tandy 1000 1 h-color
/Al Audio (sound) is IBM
/AT Audio (sound) is Tandy 1000
/AA Audio (sound) is AdLib
/AN Audio (sound) is None-sounds are off
/AR Audio (sound) for Roland MT-32 MIDI sound
/V0 Both music and sound effects
/V1 Sound effects only
/V2 Silence- no sound [Note:“Alt V” enables you to change the sound settings during the game.]
/P Pictures complete full role-playing graphics
/NP No Pictures that load from disk - partial role-playing graphics [Note: “Alt Z” enables you to change the picture settings during the game.]
/S Single disk drive, so don’t go to role-playing between melees and duels (saves a disk swap)

M1 Tank Platoon:
/D0 - low details ?
/D1 - high details ?

Civilization 1:
To my surprise there are no such parameters supported.