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Oct 25 2004 [23:57] Wendigo: Spam exterminated again

Aug 16 2004 [06:55] Wendigo: programming
Text files are simple to be read by humans. It's the reason.
I have no knowledge about VB. Sorry. :)

Jul 25 2004 [05:50] acme: How does it work?
This is a fantastic game. But why don't use binary file to save levels? Text file uses a quite lot bits. And save/load binary file is easy to programming in C.

I have a question: How do I use libraries in VB6?

Jul 25 2004 [05:20] acme: I can't download!
I can't download X-pired 1.22! Why?

Jun 09 2004 [09:31] Mortal-: great
great game

u dlouho se mi nestalo aby me nejaka hra tak chytla, jsem ani necekal ze se neco takoveho jeste stane :-)

Mar 29 2004 [05:33] Wendigo: Re: memory usage
Hints: X-pired uses WM BPP setting. It consumes 16 MB in truecolor, 13 MB with 16 BPP. Music takes also about 1 MB.

Mar 27 2004 [03:14] JayDee: Re: memory usage
We don't know Dreamcast. How much memory would be ok? The code uses almost no dynamic allocation, so it's definitely not a memory leak. You could probably save on
1) code (SDL with all features is quite a monster)
2) sprites - as far as I can figure out, it's using RGB+alpha pixels, so you could save quite a bit by using indexed colours.

Mar 25 2004 [06:10] Ian m: memory useage
I ported it to dreamcast but this game is using 16 meg of memory so the dreamcast port crashes if i let it load the levels with it.

great game i was hoping to bring it to the dc scene but 16 meg is a bit much memory to use for a game like this. dont think there's a memory leak but can you guys find any way to reduce memory useage.

Nov 15 2003 [06:19] Wendigo: General info on motion control
Game character is moving in the 20x20 matrix. When you press the cursor key, he will walk to next cell in chosen direction. He will start moving in different direction only staying in the center of cell. When moving on ice if you are not holding key for next move he will walk in the last used direction. There is nothing like "keypress cache" implemented so you can hold key for the next move during his present move. It's common mistake what I've seen - player tries to HIT the key when the character seems to be in the centre of cell. Forget it. HOLD the key for next move.
Another trick: If you are holding two neighbour direction keys character can't move crossways but it will change direction by turns.

Nov 15 2003 [05:57] Wendigo: Passwords
If you really want to cheat, just open file expired.lvl in text editor...

Nov 04 2003 [04:35] Khedron: stuck
hi anybod I am stuck on level - Practice! its really hard to walk on ice, kyeabord reaction is very bad - can anyone tell me the solution or password to lev. 13

Sep 04 2002 [10:24] Wendigo: Website moved
Greetings from SourceForge...

Aug 03 2002 [23:24] Wendigo: Corrupted archive fixed
Thanx to micval. :)

Aug 02 2002 [13:54] Gtz: corrupted source archive
The Linux source archive xpired-1.22-linux_source.tar.gz is corrupted. I get the "unexpected end of file" message from gunzip. Could you please reupload this file, thanks.

Jul 01 2002 [18:25] arTee: manpage
I wrote a manpage for xpired, but it's in "simple" English (for example: description of xpired is something like "cool action/puzzle game"). Could someone improve it? I would be very glad. The manpage is here:

Your comments or descriptions or other cool things send to

Jun 16 2002 [10:46] Wendigo: PPCD
PPCD isn't implemented in X-pired. :)
(e-mail sent)

Jun 16 2002 [06:46] kheemeng: How do you do your collision detection ?
i would like to know how do you do a pixel perfect col detection in sdl ???
please send replies to

Jun 05 2002 [18:24] Wendigo: Painfull passwords
It's probably my fault, because I like games demanding pencil and a piece of paper as RAM substitute. I'll try to invent better level-accessing system for the next game.

Jun 03 2002 [15:31] The Doc: Passwords are annoying
Great game, but the level passwords are a pain! How about storing the last completed level in the xpired config file in the user's directory, and starting the game at the next unfinished level?

May 31 2002 [11:41] JayDee: replay value
Xpired currently has low replay value. You play it once from the beginning to end and that's it.
What can we do against it? My suggestions:
a) random level generator/level randomizer ( ->lots of new levels)
b) scoring (if you solve a level, you can try to do it faster, better...)
c) multiplayer mode (any ideas?)

May 02 2002 [19:30] Wendigo: Levels
Feel free to make your own levels and send them to us. We could publish some compilation of gamer-created levels here...
Izak> Thanx. :)

May 02 2002 [13:12] Izak: Level
Hre je skvela ... dojel jsem az do 30 levelu :-)
Ale chtelo bi to dalsi levely.
(Hraju pod Linuxem)

Apr 01 2002 [12:32] micval: More Linux distro update
From now on the Windows and Linux versions are completely separated (though the source files should be identical). Linux distribution is available as three different packages: source, static binary and shared binary for Slackware 8.0 (we would be grateful if somebody could provide binary packages for RedHat etc..)

Mar 31 2002 [21:23] JayDee: new linux version
The new static binaries should run on any linux without problems.
Enjoy :)

Mar 30 2002 [12:16] Wendigo: Debian
SDL and Debian, it's a problem in general, I think... I believe that micval and JayDee will solve it somehow. :)

Mar 30 2002 [11:15] micval: sdl_mixer od debian
Did you get at least any SDL_mixer.o or something? if you did, you can try add SDL_mixer.o into the line #13 of the Makefile [something like $(CC) -o xpired xpired.o SDL_mixer.o $(LIBS)]

Mar 30 2002 [10:37] Jyrki: Installing was too difficult for me.
Tried to install it on Debian, but could get it to link
it dynamically with the SDL_mixer. Probably the problem
was an the SDL_mixer side: it didn't produce an .so anywhere.

Mar 26 2002 [17:56] Wendigo: Rozumna verze
Muzes zkusit Alt+S a vypnout stiny, nebo zapnout nepruhledny.

Mar 26 2002 [13:23] VincO: Chybi!
Verze pro nejaky rozumny pocitac.

Mar 25 2002 [10:55] Wendigo: Stahovat?
Jednoznacne ano!

Mar 25 2002 [09:41] vlkodlak: bleee bleeeee
mam si to stahnout? myslim teda tu hru...

Mar 24 2002 [23:47] Wendigo: Hmm.
Diky za vystizny popis dojmu ze hry... :)

Mar 24 2002 [23:32] mrd: prd

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